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No driver should ever allow a cell phone, passenger, or spilled drink to take their attention off the road.

Distracted driving accidents rank among the most common types of accidents in Connecticut and throughout the country. Distracted driving injures or kills thousands of people nationwide each year, from drivers and passengers, to pedestrians and other bystanders. If you or a loved one was injured or killed because of a distracted driver, call Vishno Law Firm immediately. We can help you hold the negligent driver accountable.

Attorney Jeremy Vishno, a Fairfield County distracted driving accident lawyer, has dedicated his career to fighting for the rights of car accident victims. A distracted driving accident can lead to devastating traumatic brain injuries or a wrongful death lawsuit. The physical, emotional and financial recovery could take years.

When someone has done something wrong to cause your accident, you shouldn't have to pay for somebody else's mistakes. You need Vishno Law Firm on your side.

What is considered distracted driving?

What is distracted driving? While cell phone accidents and texting and driving are cited as two of the top causes of car accidents in Connecticut, distracted driving encompasses a number of behaviors that take a driver's attention away from the road. Other common forms of distracted driving involve the following:

  • Talking to passengers
  • Eating and drinking
  • Reading GPS directions
  • Looking at maps
  • Adjusting a radio or audio device
  • Watching a video
  • Grooming

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The government's website reports that 3,328 people were killed nationwide in distraction-affected accidents. About 421,000 people were injured in accidents involving a distracted driver.

These accidents happen fast, but injury victims often find their lives complicated for years to come. The long and painful recovery process may be accompanied by steep medical bills and a loss of wages.

Insurance companies may delay your claim, deny your claim, or even try to bully you into accepting a settlement before the true cost of your accident is known. If you've been injured or a loved one was killed due to somebody else's negligent behavior, you deserve justice.

People injured in Fairfield County and throughout Connecticut know they can turn to Vishno Law Firm. That's because Attorney Jeremy Vishno knows how to get results. He has helped people obtain millions in verdicts and settlements.

The key to his success? He has worked one-on-one with accident victims throughout southwest Connecticut for over 25 years. Attorney Vishno will handle your case personally. He knows how to find the right evidence. He knows what it takes to build a solid, successful legal strategy on your behalf.

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