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Road Work on Congested Highways Raises the Risk of Truck Accidents

Fairfield County truck accident attorney"Let's Go, CT" is a multibillion-dollar construction project meant to improve road conditions in Connecticut over the course of the next thirty years. The project involves widening some major roadways, including sections of I-95, and improving some other roads. It also involves improving the mass transit systems.

There has been a great deal of controversy around this project, specifically regarding the widening of I-95, which broke ground at the end of June. Most feel that this plan is highly expensive and not at all effective. Some reports went so far as to call the I-95 project a "boondoggle." The results from multiple studies have found that, far from easing congestion, widening a highway would actually increase the number of vehicles currently on the road.

The other point of contention for this project is the current condition of Connecticut's mass transit systems. Many residents and commuters felt that more emphasis should be placed on improving existing roads and updating Connecticut's trains, buses and bridges. This sentiment was repeated in multiple reports that highlighted the ineffectiveness of similar projects in other states. Despite this opposition, Governor Malloy insists that widening sections of I-95 will improve traffic conditions.

The Dangers of Construction Zones

While less congestion would be good news for the nearly 135,000 motorists that travel I-95 in Connecticut every day, construction areas and work zones can create hazards on the road. When that construction takes place on highways that are already heavily congested, this only increases the chances of an accident.

Truck accidents are, by nature, far more serious than car accidents. When you're dealing with a vehicle that is roughly 80,000 pounds crashing into a car that is a small fraction of that weight, the results can be catastrophic. When trucks have to maneuver tight turns, incomplete or unfinished roadways and narrow lanes due to construction, the risks of a serious accident increase.

It is both the responsibility of the truck drivers and the trucking companies to ensure that every driver on the road is adhering to all safety protocols. It is essential that trucking companies go through all necessary hiring procedures, including drug testing and checking driving records for a history of DUIs. They must see to it that all drivers are properly qualified for the job and well-trained to operate their vehicles. It is also the responsibility of the trucking company to allow their employees to take adequate breaks so that they remain alert while on the road.

Drivers, for their part, must do all they can to remain alert and aware of other cars and hazards on the road. The limited visibility and large trailer size of their vehicles can make it dangerous for them to move through a heavily congested roadway, especially if that roadway is under construction. Furthermore, a driver who is overly fatigued, improperly trained or is driving a car with mechanical problems puts all other motorists at serious risk.

When we investigate a truck accident, we don't just examine the vehicles and talk to the drivers involved. We get witness statements, review police reports, and gather other evidence. We take into account traffic conditions, road conditions and even the weather at the time of the accident. Our thorough examination means there is no room for guesswork. There are a lot of factors to take into account after a truck accident, and we examine all of them.

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