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Liability for Car Accidents Involving Connecticut Trucks

Fairfield County truck accident attorneyA Connecticut motorist was killed recently in an accident involving a dump truck owned by a private waste management company. Car accidents involving trucks are often deadly, and those most likely to be killed are the passengers of the car rather than the truck. Victims need to understand their rights when they are harmed in a crash involving a truck.

Truck Accident Results in One Death and Serious Injuries

NBC Connecticut reported on the accident involving the dump truck. The collision occurred on South Street when a motorcycle rider and his passenger were traveling east. A dump truck driven by a 31-year-old driver was headed west on the same street and making a left turn onto East Street when the accident occurred.

The driver of the motorcycle was transported to a nearby hospital where he died of his injuries. The motorcycle passenger was transported via Lifestar medical transport air helicopter. She was described as being in "grave condition." Connecticut law enforcement's Serious Traffic Accident Reconstruction Team is attempting to determine how the accident happened and who was at fault for the crash.

The victims of this accident sustained serious losses. Family members of the deceased will be able to pursue a wrongful death claim if it is determined the driver of the dump truck was responsible for causing the crash. The surviving victim likely sustained very costly medical bills. National Association of Insurance Commissioners warns the average length of a flight on a medical helicopter is approximately 52 miles and the average cost can total as much as $12,000 to $25,000 per flight. Some of the medical flights cost much more, depending upon the medical services provided in route. Insurance may pay a portion of these costs, but oftentimes leave crash victims with substantial bills.

The law protects those harmed by others who were responsible for accidents, and when the crash involves a truck, there may be multiple defendants who are held responsible for causing the accident. In this case, for example, the victim who was injured and the surviving family members of the person who was killed may be able to pursue a claim against both the driver and the company which owned the dump truck.   The claim could provide coverage for the air flight as well as for other losses which occurred as a result of the truck accident.

Trucking companies are generally required by federal regulations to have at least $750,000 minimum in liability coverage and to have as much as $5 million in coverage if they routinely transport HAZMAT material.  These trucking companies can be liable for the negligence of their drivers, and victims can benefit from pursuing a claim against these companies.

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