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Connecticut's Most Dangerous Highway: I-95

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Why do so many car accidents happen on this highway?

Car accidents in Connecticut can occur anywhere at any time. However, some roads have far more collisions than others. At the top of the list is Interstate 95, which was recently named the deadliest highway in the state based on a study conducted by Car Insurance Comparison. And nationwide, I-95 was ranked the deadliest highway overall, according to the same study.

Interstate 95 in Connecticut ranked the ‘most dangerous highway’

Car Insurance Comparison’s study recently named the most dangerous highway in each state. The study was based on 2020 car accident data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

According to the study, Connecticut’s I-95 has more traffic fatalities per year on average compared to all other highways in the state. Specifically, 16.4 deaths per year on average occur on the 111-mile-long stretch of Interstate 95 in Connecticut.

I-95 named the deadliest highway in the nation

Along with being the deadliest highway in Connecticut, I-95 was also named the deadliest highway in the nation by Car Insurance Comparison. Each year, on average, 14.99 car accident fatalities occur for every 100 miles of highway on I-95.

To put such numbers in perspective, Interstate 95 is 1,923 miles long and runs north to south from the border with Canada in Maine to Miami, Florida. Based on the length of I-95, 288.2 car accident fatalities occur annually on average on Interstate 95 nationwide.

Why are some highways more dangerous than others?

As part of the Car Insurance Comparison study, researchers identified why some highways have more car accidents than others. In general, many of the most dangerous highways have the following characteristics in common:

  • Outdated infrastructure, including missing guardrails, potholes, and confusing street signs.
  • Heavy traffic. Traffic congestion often results in more car accidents due to the high number of vehicles on the road.
  • Extreme weather. This can include frequent snow, ice, heavy rain, and high winds.
  • Dangerous road conditions, including highways with sharp turns, steep inclines, tunnels, and other hazardous road conditions.

Connecticut car accident fatalities on the rise

Unfortunately, Interstate 95 in Connecticut isn’t the only dangerous road in the state. In recent years, car accident deaths have continued to climb higher nearly every single year. In fact, in 2022, Connecticut set a new record for the most car accident fatalities in a single year. That year, 368 people died in car accidents in Connecticut, according to NHTSA data cited by the Connecticut Mirror. In addition, 2022 was the first year that Connecticut recorded more than one traffic fatality per day on average.

Injured in a highway crash? Protect your rights

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