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Distracted Driving Tops List of Annoying Driver Habits, Study Reports

A Fairfield car accident lawyer explains what drivers need to know to stay safe

What driving habits annoy other drivers the most? Distracted driving, not using a turn signal, and tailgating top the list of a recent study examining what fuels road rage among drivers on the road.

A young motorist texting and driving.

Many of these habits are also some of the most common causes of car accidents. This is why it’s important to understand what behaviors prompt road rage and motor vehicle accidents as well.

What is the most annoying driving habit?

The Zebra website conducted a recent, in-depth study examining what behaviors by drivers annoy drivers the most. The study conducted late last year involved 979 drivers between the ages of 17 and 85 years old.

An estimated 35 percent of people who participated in the study said they drove less last year due to the pandemic. However, approximately 20 percent of drivers interviewed for the study said they are more frustrated than ever on the road.

So what behaviors by other drivers annoy drivers the most? Distracted driving was the number one activity. A total of 63 percent of drivers said distracted driving causes “the most anger or frustration while on the road,” the study reports. That figure is significantly higher than 2019 when a similar study was conducted and 42 percent of drivers said distracted driving makes them angry or annoys them.

What other driving behaviors upset drivers?

Along with distracted driving, the other top 10 sources of anger and frustration among drivers surveyed last year by The Zebra were:

  • Drivers not using their turn signal (51 percent of drivers were annoyed, an increase of 23 percent compared to a similar survey conducted by The Zebra in 2019)
  • Tailgating drivers (49 percent, an increase of 5 percent compared to 2019)
  • Getting cut off in traffic by other drivers (49 percent, 16 percent increase)
  • Drivers going too slow (46 percent, 16 percent increase)
  • Being stuck in traffic jams (46 percent, 20 percent increase)
  • Drivers going too fast (34 percent, 22 percent increase)
  • Not being able to merge due other drivers blocking them (32 percent)
  • Displays of anger by other drivers (27 percent, 18 percent increase)
  • Being stuck in a construction zone (24 percent, 15 percent increase)

Everyone gets annoyed with other drivers sometimes. Unfortunately, some drivers take things further and end up causing a serious collision. When that happens, it’s critical that you have an experienced attorney on your side, standing up for your legal rights.

Why should I hire a lawyer?

You might think you don’t need a lawyer if another driver caused your accident due to road rage or other contributing factors. But many car accident claims turn into complicated legal cases. Sometimes, it’s because the other driver denies doing anything wrong. Other times, it’s because the at-fault driver’s insurance company does everything they can to reduce or deny your injury claim.

They don’t intimidate us. A Fairfield car accident lawyer at the Vishno Law Firm can help you every step of the way. We have years of experience representing injury victims and their families throughout Connecticut. Our legal team knows how to investigate accidents. That’s why we have such a strong track record of success.

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