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Fairfield County Traffic Accident & Brain Injury Risks

Experiencing trauma to the head can have severe consequences for your health. Many people in Fairfield, New Canaan, Darien, and Weston are victims of head injuries as a result of sports accidents, motor vehicle crashes, car accidents and violence. Every victim of a head injury could be at risk of suffering both short-term symptoms and long-term health complications. brain copy

Recently, NBC News published a comprehensive in-depth report of some of the many risks associated with suffering traumatic brain injury (TBI). The article was prompted by the death by suicide of an Ohio State football player. While it may come as a surprise to some who are not fully aware of all of the damage a brain injury can cause, the reality is that suicides have been linked to repeated TBIs. The young athlete's death thus may have occurred as a direct result of the repeated concussions that he experienced while participating in sports.

The Health Consequences of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Being aware of the extent of the damage associated with brain injury is important to encourage more effective prevention of brain injury. Preventing brain injury due to sports, falls, violence and car accidents requires reasonable care and a concern for safety. For example, property owners need to reduce the risk of falls by maintaining their space in a safe condition so victims do not trip and tumble.

Victims of a blow to the head also need to understand that their health is at risk. Many more people are aware of this today than in the past, in part because of lawsuits brought by football players to hold the National Football League accountable for being dishonest about the consequences of repeat head injuries. The number of people getting treatment at emergency rooms because of head injuries has increased 29 percent in the past four years; which may be because more people are getting hurt but which may also be because more people are aware that they need medical attention after a bolt or jolt to the brain. The NBC article may be able to raise awareness further and provide more encouragement in terms of preventing injuries and seeking help.

A concussion is the most mild kind of brain injury, but those who suffer this type of damage should be aware that experts do not consider even concussions to be "mild." The brain undergoes a mini-seizure when a concussion happens, and it can take several weeks for the brain to shut down the affected parts and try to go through a healing or rebuilding process. Healing may never occur 100 percent.

Repeated concussions or significant blows to the head can lead to cumulative damage that increases the risk of conditions such as Parkinson's, dementia, post-concussion syndrome, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Post-concussion syndrome can lead to dizziness, confusion and other symptoms while CTE results in health impairments similar to those caused by Lou Gehrig's disease.

It is impossible to know after a blow to the head whether you will experience these long-term consequences. Victims need to understand the risk, so they can be informed about the potential for harm in the future.

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