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Infotainment Systems Increase Connecticut Distracted-Driving Risks

Fairfield County auto accident attorneyWhen it comes to driving distractions, we can't ignore the evolution of onboard electronics and infotainment systems.

AAA newsroom recently reported Apple and Google are moving ahead with next-generation infotainment technology, which will include "safer design."

On-board navigation and operating screens are increasingly touch-based. The new Tesla 3, for instance, is being manufactured to have one flatscreen operating system to replace all gauges as well as climate, radio, and other onboard systems. The quick pace of evolving technology can also lead to driver unfamiliarity and inexperience, which can increase distraction risks. You might just be getting used to the technological features of your old car, when it's time to buy a newer model with completely different features.

Connecticut Distracted Driving Liability

Experienced auto accident attorneys in Fairfield County continue to see far too many serious and fatal collisions caused by distracted drivers. In many of these cases, the use of handheld devices and infotainment systems are to blame.

Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto appear to be making progress. According to AAA, in-car technology being produced by the tech giants has proven to be less distracting than stand-alone systems designed by automakers. While good news, it doesn't necessarily make them less responsible for the epidemic of distracted drivers on Connecticut roads.

In-Car Technology Remains a Dangerous Distraction

AAA joined the University of Utah in evaluating five 2017 - 2018 model vehicles. Distraction risks for infotainment systems produced by auto manufacturers were either high or very high across all uses. Distraction risks associated with Android Auto and CarPlay also were high or very high for navigation or text uses. However, distraction risks were rated moderate from using the two systems manufactured by Google and Apple, in terms of "overall demand" as well as in terms of functions like calling/dialing and selecting or using audio entertainment.

From a personal injury standpoint, understanding the role technology plays in many auto accidents is critical to properly representing a car accident injury victim. Under Connecticut's comparative negligence law (Sec. 52-555), plaintiffs found less than half at fault may still collect damages from a negligent party. Your auto accident attorney should keep in mind possible distractions when researching and determining the cause of an accident. In many cases, cell phone data and history logs of these onboard devices often reveal that a driver was distracted in the moments before a collision.

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