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Pedestrian Deaths are Rising Nationwide

Fairfield County pedestrian accident attorneyPedestrian deaths are on the rise nationwide. CT Post reports fatal pedestrian crashes increased significantly throughout the United States between 2014 and 2015. The crash rate for pedestrians did not rise in Connecticut, but police and transportation officials indicate pedestrian fatalities are still a major concern within the state. A spokesperson for Connecticut Department of Transportation commented: "Right now, we're not with the trend, but it doesn't change the fact that any fatalities are too many."

Drivers and pedestrians need to be aware there are still people killed far-too-often within Connecticut. In the first half of 2015, there were 15 pedestrian deaths within the state of Connecticut. This is down slightly compared with 16 deaths in Connecticut during the first half of 2014. Throughout all of 2015, preliminary data suggests there will be 37 total pedestrians killed in Connecticut, compared with 47 pedestrian deaths over the course of 2014. These numbers may change as final reports come in.

While Connecticut did not see the increase some other states did, there were still tragedies in the state and accidents continue to occur in 2016, including a recent pedestrian accident which caused the death of a 24-year-old who was hit by a car on Bridgeport Avenue in Milford at around two in the morning by an alleged drunk driver. Crashes like this one need to be prevented so families do not face the tragic loss of a loved one in a car crash.

Preventing Pedestrian Collisions in Connecticut

While Connecticut did not see an increase in fatalities in 2015, it is important for motorists to make smart and safe choices to avoid a rising fatality rate in 2016. Many of the factors which led to the nationwide rise in pedestrian accidents in 2015 are also present in 2016, including an increase in the number of people driving due to falling gas prices and improving economic conditions. With more people on the roads, Connecticut pedestrians must be careful to ensure they don't join other states in seeing more pedestrian deaths.

To prevent pedestrian collisions, it is important to know when the greatest risks are and who is at the greatest risk.  For example, 72 percent of fatal pedestrian collisions occur when it is dark outside and 25 percent of fatal pedestrian collisions happen in daylight. Two percent of deadly pedestrian accidents happen at each dusk and dawn. Pedestrians who are aware of the significantly increased risk of pedestrian collisions after dark can make sure they wear reflective clothing and exercise extra caution when walking at night.

Drivers also need to be aware children are some of the most likely victims of pedestrian crashes. Of children 14 and under who died in car accidents, a total of 21 percent of the fatalities involved a child pedestrian. Drivers who know of the added risks faced by children can ensure they are more careful when driving through school zones and other areas where kids are likely to congregate. As summer arrives and children are increasingly found playing outside, it will be even more important for drivers to make sure they aren't putting young people at risk.

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