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Fairfield County Potholes Place Drivers in Danger

Fairfield County auto accident attorneyWith so much media coverage on distracted drivers, impaired driving, and other common causes of car accidents, it can be easy to overlook one of the most basic causes of collisions. Poor conditions in the roadway can make it difficult to maintain control of a vehicle. Small cracks, chips, and uneven surfaces can develop into large potholes, which place drivers in danger.

After a car accident, a Fairfield County car accident attorney can help victims determine all causes of a collision in order to access compensation for their injuries and losses.

The Facts About Potholes

Road surfaces are subject to a significant amount of wear and tear. Vehicles, loose cargo, and other debris can create small chips or cracks in the surface of the roadway. Asphalt and gravel can also chip in the harsh conditions of a Connecticut winter. Snow and ice can create small imperfections in roadway surfaces that continue to pose a threat long after the winter weather has ended.

Over time, these imperfections can expand and develop into potholes. Fluctuations in temperature can cause the surface materials to contract and expand, further developing fissures. reports that the United States currently invests $68 billion annually simply to maintain the nation’s highways, roads and bridges.

How potholes can be dangerous to Connecticut drivers

Potholes can greatly contribute to a traffic accident. Most commonly, hitting a pothole can cause a flat tire. This can later cause a driver to lose control of his or her vehicle, thus putting other drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists in danger. Some motorists may even swerve to miss a pothole, which can result in a lane-departure accident or head-on collision.

According to NBC Connecticut, potholes will make a return this spring as the temperatures rise. As the spring approaches, it's important that motorists use caution while municipalities work to repave damaged roads. When driving on a road with uneven surfaces, always reduce your speed. Be prepared for approaching potholes by slowing down and maneuvering around them when it is safe to do so.

There are many potential consequences of potholes. Serious injury and death, property damage, decreased property value, lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, and many other financial losses can be sustained as a result of improperly maintained roadways.

A Fairfield County car accident attorney can help injury victims file claims and access compensation for these losses. Contact Vishno Law Firm today and find out how we can help you. 

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