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Fairfield County Pedestrians Face Many Dangers - Including Quiet Hybrid Cars

Fairfield County pedestrian accident attorneyAny car accident can cause a pedestrian to sustain serious injuries, but hybrid cars may pose an even greater risk than other types of vehicles.

At low speeds, the quiet engine of an electric or hybrid vehicle can make it difficult for pedestrians to detect when a vehicle is approaching. This is especially dangerous for pedestrians who suffer from visual impairments.

This silent risk poses such a danger to pedestrians that federal regulators are now requiring hybrid and electric vehicles to be equipped with sound alerts. These alerts will be triggered at low speeds in order to warn pedestrians of the vehicle’s presence.

Reuters reports that the regulations were first demanded by Congress in 2010. Now, after many delays, auto manufacturers will be required to be fully compliant by 2020.

Other Risks Faced by Connecticut Pedestrians

Quiet hybrid and electric vehicles are not the only dangers pedestrians face on the roads of Connecticut. WTNH News 8 spoke with Hamden police, which reported an increase in local pedestrian accidents. One police captain noted that many of the accidents involved pedestrians who were distracted. Younger adults, especially, were noted to be talking or texting on phones while crossing the street, rather than paying attention to traffic.

Reporters also witnessed many pedestrians crossing outside of designated crosswalks. One woman crossed in an area where turning vehicles had the right of way, causing one vehicle to barely miss colliding with her. Officers remind pedestrians to cross at designated crosswalks. If there aren’t any available, pedestrians should cross at corners, where drivers are more alert to pedestrian traffic.

Stamford also experienced a series of pedestrian accidents in the early months of 2018. The Stamford Advocate reports that two female pedestrians were killed, and one left in the hospital with serious injuries, in three separate accidents across the Stamford area. Two accidents occurred while the victims were crossing the street, and one occurred in a parking lot.

These accidents remind drivers that pedestrians can be present anywhere. Drivers should be constantly alert and watching for pedestrians in the roadway.

Our Fairfield Country car accident attorneys have seen the many losses and injuries that can result from pedestrian accidents. Some victims will suffer from pain and discomfort for years – requiring lengthy and expensive medical treatment. Others miss extensive periods of work. Some are unable to return to work at all. And for family members who lose a loved one in a pedestrian accident, their lives will never be the same.

In the event of a pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Contact an experienced Connecticut pedestrian accident attorney at the Vishno Law Firm.

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