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Why shouldn't I speak to the insurance company after a crash?

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Being involved in a car accident that you know was caused by someone else's reckless behavior can be frustrating. You may be dealing with medical bills, car damage, and lost wages as a result. If you think you can rely on insurance companies to foot the bill, think again. No matter how friendly insurance representatives seem, they don't have your best interest in mind.

The at-fault drivers' insurance company wants to talk to you after a crash and they will likely contact you. They don't do this to help you in any way. Rather, they use trick questions, hoping that you will make a statement that can be used against you.

That's why it is important to avoid talking to the insurance company, even if they contact you. When reporting your crash, you should only provide your own insurance company with minimal details surrounding your crash.

Talking to the insurance company can hurt you

If you were involved in a crash, you have the legal right to pursue damages to the fullest extent. Insurance companies don't want you to know that, however. Their only concern is saving money and they would rather make your claim go away than help you.

Here are the tricks they often use to make that happen:

  • Asking trick questions. When an insurance company representative contacts you, he or she will come across as helpful and friendly. If you agree to speak to an insurance rep, your call will be recorded and any questions you answer can be construed as admittance of fault, even if you're unaware of it.
  • Shifting the blame from the at-fault driver. Insurance companies may try to argue that the driver who hit you wasn't negligent. They may say that the weather or road conditions were the cause of the crash and attempt to call it a 50/50 split. They may also try to persistently argue that you were at fault for the crash.
  • They're willing to lose a small amount of money to avoid paying more. Never accepts a settlement offered by an insurance company without first consulting with an attorney. Insurance companies are willing to give up a little bit of money in order to avoid having to compensate you for all damages accrued from your crash. Once you accept a settlement, you will not be able to pursue any more compensation.

Attorney serving injured motorists throughout Fairfield County

Aside from reporting your crash to your insurance company, you are under no obligation to deal with insurance companies. Before you agree to speak to the at-fault driver's insurance company, talk to an experienced Fairfield County car accident attorney and find out which legal options are available to you.

Vishno Law Firm can investigate your crash, gather critical evidence, and negotiate with insurance companies for fair and full compensation. To learn more, contact us online and set up your free consultation.

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