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Feds issue Volvo recall due to dangerous door defect

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If you have purchased a Volvo S60 sedan or V60 wagon that was manufactured from June 2, 2010 through December 21, 2016, you may have an open safety recall on your car.

According to Consumer Reports, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently issued a recall of nearly 145,000 Volvos due to a mechanical defect that causes the doors to suddenly open. It can happen while a car is in motion, or while making turns. It can even happen after shutting the doors tightly.

Defective door latch can suddenly break

The NHTSA warns that a door latch mechanism on these car models can suddenly break during hot weather. This defect puts car occupants at risk of falling out onto the roadway. This can be fatal when traveling at a high speed.

Several owners of Volvo's S60 sedans and V60 wagons complained about the defect, which prompted the recall. All owners of these Volvo have either been notified or will be notified about the recall in the near future. The Volvo-issued notification will also include a list of dealerships in the Fairfield County area where owners can have repairs made free of charge.

If you have been notified of a recall on your Volvo, your dealer will replace the defective door latch with a redesigned one.

How do I know if my car has a dangerous defect?

When purchasing a new or used car, you can check for open recalls by entering your 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) in the search bar on NHTSA's website. If there are no open recalls, a message will appear that reads "0 Unrepaired recalls associated with this VIN." Your VIN can be found where your driver's side dashboard meets the windshield.

If your car does have an open recall, you will see the details regarding the defect. You'll also get a list of Fairfield County dealerships where repairs can be made.

Perhaps you have purchased a new car that came with a dangerous defect. If there is currently no open recall for the defect, you may report it to the NHTSA. Be sure to include photos of the defect, a police report (if a collision occurred), and proper documentation. The NHTSA will review your complaint. They may follow up with an investigation into the make and model of your car.

Can I take legal action if a defect caused my car accident?

If you were injured in a crash caused by a mechanical defect, it's critical that you speak to an experienced Fairfield County car accident attorney. Your attorney will need to investigate the cause of your crash. It may have been caused by a sudden mechanical defect in the car you were driving. Perhaps you were struck by another driver who was driving a defective car.

No matter how complex your crash may be, Vishno Law Firm can get to the bottom of it. Contact us online today to find out how we can help you maximize your compensation.

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