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All-terrain vehicle accidents in Connecticut can be extremely complicated. Give your case an edge. Contact Fairfield County ATV accident lawyer Jeremy Vishno.

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a popular means of transportation in Fairfield County and throughout Connecticut. Unfortunately, accidents happen, often when you least expect them. Like riders on motorcycles, ATV riders do not have a solid steel cage around them for protection if they are in an accident.  Due to the lack of crash protection, ATV accidents typically involve serious or even fatal injuries that require the skills of a determined wrongful death lawyer.

An ATV accident can have catastrophic consequences. Spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries typically involve costly long-term care. At Vishno Law Firm, we understand injury victims often did nothing to cause their accident. Depending on the circumstances, another individual may be responsible. In particular, our law firm will examine whether a manufacturer played a role in your accident.

How do ATV accidents happen in Connecticut?

ATV injuries often occur when two vehicles collide on a track or course. Other common causes of ATV accidents include:

  • Single vehicle loses control and crashes
  • Mechanical failure
  • Defective part
  • Unsafe premises

Other examples of negligence leading to ATV accidents include:

  • A passenger is injured or killed because the operator is under the influence of alcohol, leading to a rollover accident.
  • An ATV strikes a barrier placed by a property owner on a public right of way on the property.
  • A part on the ATV is defective due to negligence by the manufacturer, which may lead to a dangerous products case.

How can a Fairfield County ATV accident lawyer help me?

Accidents happen fast, but injury victims often find their lives complicated for years to come. You or a loved one may face a long and painful recovery process. Medical bills and lost wages add up fast. Insurance companies may deny your claim or even try to bully you into accepting a settlement before the true cost of your accident is known.

If you've been injured or a loved one was killed due to somebody else's negligent behavior, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, lost wages and other damages resulting from your accident.

Count on a law firm that puts people first. Contact Vishno Law Firm today. Attorney Vishno and his staff of experienced paralegals have worked one-on-one, case-by-case, with clients all over Fairfield County since 1990. He knows what it takes to uncover the true cause of your accident. He leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice for each of his clients.

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