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Spinal Cord Injury accidents in Connecticut demand strong legal action. Protect your rights. Contact Fairfield County spinal cord injury lawyer Jeremy Vishno. Case results matter here.

Spinal cord injuries are all-too-common in car accidents, truck accidents, and other types of serious personal injury cases in Connecticut. If you hurt your spine, you may find your injuries have a profound impact on your quality of life. Spinal cord injuries often lead to debilitating pain, mobility problems, brain damage and nerve damage. To make matters worse, you may have done nothing wrong to cause your accident.

When somebody else's negligent or reckless behavior led to your accident, you shouldn't have to face your injuries alone. Contact Attorney Jeremy Vishno today. A spinal cord injury can result in a complex personal injury case. If somebody else's negligent or reckless behavior caused your accident, it's crucial to speak with an attorney immediately who knows how to protect your rights.

What are common types of spinal cord injuries?

A spinal cord injury usually involves swelling of the spinal cord which affects the whole body. When the swelling goes down, the patient may regain function months or years after the injury but it is rare for all functioning to be recovered. Treatment presently consists of stabilizing any broken vertebrae, maintaining the patient, preventing movement to the injured area, and reducing swelling. If your spinal cord was injured, you may be suffering from any number of medical problems:

  • Paralysis
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Sexual function problems
  • Loss of sensation in outer extremities
  • Impaired use of arms, legs, hands or feet

How can a Fairfield County spinal cord injury attorney help me?

Spinal cord injuries can turn your life upside down forever. You or a loved one may face a long, painful recovery process. Medical bills and lost wages can add up fast. The insurance company might push you to accept a settlement that barely begins to cover the true cost of your injuries. If you've been injured or a loved one was killed due to somebody else's reckless behavior, it's important to discuss your legal options with an experienced Fairfield County CT spinal cord injury attorney who knows your rights.

Attorney Jeremy Vishno and his team of experienced legal professionals have worked tirelessly to protect the rights of injury victims in Fairfield County and throughout Connecticut since 1990. Attorney Vishno knows how to uncover the true cause of your accident. He leaves no stone unturned when fighting for his clients. He works with each client one-on-one, case-by-case, to ensure that injury victims receive the attention they rightfully deserve. Call 888-222-1688 to schedule a free case consultation at our Fairfield or New Haven office locations. Serving Bridgeport, Norwalk, Stamford, Danbury, Waterbury and Shelton.