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Fairfield Pedestrian Accidents Especially Dangerous When Driver Flees the Scene

Pedestrians often sustain serious or fatal injuries in hit-and-run crashes as compared with collisions involving drivers who stop after an accident. Between 1998 and 2007, the rate of overall pedestrian deaths declined. However, during that same time period, there was an increase in the number of deadly pedestrian accidents involving hit-and-run drivers. pedestrian copy 2

Pedestrian accidents are often more serious when the driver who caused the crash flees the scene for several reasons. One of the biggest issues is the driver who caused the crash does not get help for the pedestrian. The pedestrian may be left in the road where he or she could be hit again by another vehicle. There is also often a significant delay in getting medical attention for the pedestrian in many hit-and-runs, which can result in serious injuries ending up being fatal.

When a pedestrian is injured or killed in a hit-and-run, the injury victim or family members must understand all the options available for seeking compensation for losses and damages. If the driver who struck the pedestrian is found and identified, a case can be pursued against that motorist. Otherwise, it may be possible to pursue a claim for compensation from the auto insurer covering the pedestrian or his family.

Pedestrians are At Risk of Death in Hit-and-Run Accidents

Between 1998 to 2007, 18.2 percent of all fatal pedestrian accidents involved hit-and-run accidents. The majority of these crashes occurred in urban areas, rather than rural areas (although further research is needed to determine if there is a statistically-significant difference between rural and urban fatal pedestrian hit-and-runs).

UC Berkley's Safe Transportation Research & Education Center indicates the majority of fatal pedestrian hit-and-run accidents (35 percent) happened between the hours of midnight and 4 AM. Pedestrians need to remember that being on the road after dark can be very dangerous. Often, there's an increased risk of hit-and-run accidents during this time since pedestrians may not be as visible to motorists. Pedestrians who walk at night should wear reflective gear and bright clothing when possible and should try to remain on sidewalks and off busy roads.

In addition, drivers were more likely to leave the scene of a crash when pedestrians were in a location other than a crosswalk or when the pedestrian was hit in a location other than on a road. As a result, pedestrians should be careful to avoid crossing at locations other than designated crossing areas, especially after dark.

The age of a pedestrian also affected the likelihood of the driver fleeing the scene of a pedestrian accident. Less than 13 percent of drivers left the scene of a motor vehicle accident when the victim was 66 years old or older or 11 years old or younger. Men were also more likely than women to leave the scene of a crash after striking a pedestrian.

Pedestrians need to be aware of the added danger of hit-and-run accidents. That's why we strongly urge pedestrians to avoid walking alone when on major roadways or in areas where you could be struck by a car.

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