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Hit and Run Accident Attorney in Fairfield County

You may be able to file a claim against your own insurance company in a hit and run accident.

No driver, pedestrian or bicyclist expects to be involved in a hit and run accident in Fairfield County. But hit and run accidents are a surprisingly common type of car accident on the roads and highways connecting Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport and other communities across Fairfield County. Hit and run accidents can be especially frustrating to victims. Although the other driver clearly caused the crash, there's no way to contact the driver. Despite devastating car accident injuries and serious emotional and financial damages, you might even believe you have no options.

Don't give up too soon. Attorney Jeremy Vishno can help. Vishno Law Firm has over 25 years of experience handling complicated car accident cases and wrongful death claims in Bridgeport, Shelton and throughout Fairfield County. Leaving the scene of an accident is illegal in Connecticut. While many reasons exist why a driver may flee the scene of an accident - he or she may be drunk, driving without a license or fleeing the scene of a crime - you may be able to collect compensation from your own insurance company.

But this means your own insurance company can become your adversary. These cases typically require the skills of a determined and knowledgeable attorney who can be your voice.

What can you do if you've been injured in a hit and run accident? Attorney Vishno recommends taking the following steps:

  • Try to remember as many details about the vehicle as possible (including make, model, and license plate number).
  • Do not attempt to stop or follow a hit and run driver. He or she may be dangerous.
  • Call the police as soon as possible and provide vehicle and driver details.
  • Take photos of the accident scene.
  • Record contact information for potential witnesses.
  • Call Fairfield County hit and run accident lawyer Jeremy Vishno as soon as possible.

Injured in a hit and run? Contact Attorney Vishno today

Hit and run accidents happen in a matter of seconds, but the impact or a traumatic brain injury or other type of serious injury can last a lifetime. You or a loved one may suddenly face a painful recovery process lasting months - or years - after the accident. Medical bills and lost wages from missing work add up fast. Even worse, your own insurance company may try to offer you less money than you deserve. They might even try to blame you for the hit and run accident. That's not fair. If you've been injured or a loved one was killed due to a hit and run driver's reckless behavior, it's important to know your rights.

Put your trust in a Fairfield County law firm that puts people first. For over 20 years, Vishno Law Firm has worked tirelessly to for clients to help them get their lives back on track after an accident.

Attorney Vishno and his experienced staff work one-on-one with each client to ensure each case gets the attention it deserves. He knows how to find the facts. He leaves no stone unturned on behalf of his clients. Take a stand. Call 888-222-1688 to schedule a free case consultation at our Fairfield or New Haven office locations.