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CT Lawyer Has The Expertise You Need When Defective Brakes Cause An Accident

Many drivers in Connecticut may not even be aware their brakes are defective, but this often-undetected problem can be the source of serious accidents. Fairfield County drivers should get their vehicles serviced regularly and pay attention to recalls. Potentially defective brakes are the cause of a recent recall of the Nissan Murano. A faulty part...

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Fairfield County Attorney Discusses Headlight Conditions & Limited Visibility

Dashboard indicators tell us when vehicles need routine maintenance – time to change the oil, check tire pressure and so on. Headlights? If they turn on, everything is OK, right? Far from it, according to new research by AAA.  “Walk through any parking lot and it is evident that deteriorated headlights are a problem for most vehicle owners,”...

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Fairfield County Attorney Discusses Wheel Runoff Accidents

We hear about serious car accidents on Interstate 95 in Fairfield County all the time. It’s one of the most heavily traveled roadways in the country, where a single mishap can set off a catastrophic chain reaction. Some of the most dangerous of those mishaps are wheel runoffs. They can happen in a split second at high speed.   What’s worse, a...

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The Driving Hazards of Fall – A Fairfield County Attorney Explains

It’s that time of year again, when roadway hazards in New England return with the change of seasons.   With the end of daylight savings time, drivers must adjust to shorter days and longer periods of nighttime driving. Slippery road conditions and colder temperatures are also seasonal hazards faced by Fairfield County drivers.  According to the most recent statistics from Statista, 2,998...

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Can New Automobile Safety Features Prevent Accidents in Fairfield County?

New safety technology continues to make headway in the automobile industry. In fact, many new vehicles already come standard with features that were previously unimagined. Moreover, the auto industry is ushering in new features designed to reduce traffic accidents caused by human error.   But this technology can have negative and dangerous consequences if not used...

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Fairfield Distracted Drivers Target of Enforcement

Police across Connecticut are cracking down on distracted drivers. The Hartford Courant reports police from Stamford and Westport to Norwich and North Haven are warning motorists to stay off their phones while driving. Extra patrols are being funded by the federal government. Fines for drivers start at $150 for a first offense, while a third offense...

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Infotainment Systems Increase Connecticut Distracted-Driving Risks

When it comes to driving distractions, we can't ignore the evolution of onboard electronics and infotainment systems. AAA newsroom recently reported Apple and Google are moving ahead with next-generation infotainment technology, which will include "safer design." On-board navigation and operating screens are increasingly touch-based. The new Tesla 3, for instance, is being manufactured to have...

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Tired Drivers at High Risk of Connecticut Trucking Accidents

The Sleep Help Institute recently examined the increasing risk of tired truckers. Federal statistics suggest fatigue is responsible for 13 percent of all collisions involving large, commercial vehicles. However, such statistics likely drastically under-report the problem. What is clear is that more than 85 percent of all trucking accidents are the result of driver error,...

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