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Can New Automobile Safety Features Prevent Accidents in Fairfield County?

New safety technology continues to make headway in the automobile industry. In fact, many new vehicles already come standard with features that were previously unimagined. Moreover, the auto industry is ushering in new features designed to reduce traffic accidents caused by human error.   But this technology can have negative and dangerous consequences if not used...

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Fairfield Distracted Drivers Target of Enforcement

Police across Connecticut are cracking down on distracted drivers. The Hartford Courant reports police from Stamford and Westport to Norwich and North Haven are warning motorists to stay off their phones while driving. Extra patrols are being funded by the federal government. Fines for drivers start at $150 for a first offense, while a third offense...

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Infotainment Systems Increase Connecticut Distracted-Driving Risks

When it comes to driving distractions, we can't ignore the evolution of onboard electronics and infotainment systems. AAA newsroom recently reported Apple and Google are moving ahead with next-generation infotainment technology, which will include "safer design." On-board navigation and operating screens are increasingly touch-based. The new Tesla 3, for instance, is being manufactured to have...

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Tired Drivers at High Risk of Connecticut Trucking Accidents

The Sleep Help Institute recently examined the increasing risk of tired truckers. Federal statistics suggest fatigue is responsible for 13 percent of all collisions involving large, commercial vehicles. However, such statistics likely drastically under-report the problem. What is clear is that more than 85 percent of all trucking accidents are the result of driver error,...

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Hands-Free Distracted Driving a Danger in Fairfield County

Several states in the Northeast, including Connecticut as well as neighboring New York and Rhode Island, have moved to ban use of handheld devices while driving to help reduce the risks associated with distracted driving. However, the National Safety Council have reported on a study that has found hands-free devices still constitute a significant threat...

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Life After Being Hit By a Drunk Driver in Connecticut

Impaired driving is a serious problem for Connecticut road users. The Connecticut Health I-Team reports that, in spite of a 2014 decline in drunk driving fatalities, Connecticut still ranks fifth among U.S. states in drunk driving deaths. Nearly half of the drivers killed in 2014 accidents in Connecticut tested positive for alcohol. Another 19 percent...

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Fairfield County Potholes Place Drivers in Danger

With so much media coverage on distracted drivers, impaired driving, and other common causes of car accidents, it can be easy to overlook one of the most basic causes of collisions. Poor conditions in the roadway can make it difficult to maintain control of a vehicle. Small cracks, chips, and uneven surfaces can develop into...

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Bad Tires Increase Connecticut Accident Risks

One of the most overlooked causes of winter traffic accidents is worn or defective tires. Collision injuries in Fairfield County caused by worn or defective tires are a winter risk because bad tires make an operator more likely to lose control of a vehicle during icy or slippery conditions. Tire Care Critical to Avoiding Traffic...

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Connecticut Traffic Accidents and Winter Driving Safety

Winter began with a wallop in Connecticut and throughout the Northeast. As the Hartford Courant reported, residents started the year battling snow, ice and bone-chilling cold, even as the weather prognosticators reminded us winter was just getting started. The risks of car accident injuries increase during the winter, of course. But many are surprised such...

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