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We fight to protect the rights of families whose children were injured in schools throughout Connecticut.

Millions of parents trust school officials every day to provide a safe environment for their children. You expect teachers, assistants, bus drivers and other staff members to take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of each child attending the school. This is true even when children engage in activities that carry risks, such as sports or cheerleading.

That's what can make an accident at a Fairfield County school so frightening. As a parent, it likely represents your worst nightmare: you receive a phone call from a school principal, police officer or medical official to learn your child was injured or died in an accident at school.

Attorney Jeremy Vishno, a Fairfield County school accident lawyer, has handled all types of cases, including child injuries involving cheerleading and other extracurricular physical activities. Cheerleading involves students being thrown into the air and sometimes performing dangerous stunts. Many parents might not realize that it is considered one of the most dangerous youth sports and may even result in a wrongful death.

But accidents at school cover a wide range, from playground accidents to injuries to children who are injured in fights. Schools also must have safety protocols in place in the event of a school shooting.  School administrators have a duty to make sure proper steps have been taken to prevent such tragedies from occurring.

Where do school accidents happen?

School accidents and injuries can occur anywhere on the grounds, but common locations include:

  • Athletic fields or gymnasiums
  • Cafeterias
  • Classrooms
  • Hallways
  • Dormitories
  • Playgrounds

Unfortunately, accidents at schools happen every day in Connecticut and throughout the United States. Although school officials have a moral and legal obligation to provide a safe, secure environment for students, sometimes this is not the case. Vishno Law Firm understands school children often do nothing to cause their accident. When the physical, emotional and financial well-being of your child is at stake, don't take any chances. Contact us today. We're ready to fight for the compensation you need - and deserve - to get life back on track.

How do school accidents happen?

School accidents can result in a variety of injuries to children. An elementary school student may be hurt after a bus driver causes a rear-end crash after texting while driving. A middle school student could be injured while playing sports due to negligent supervision. Sports accidents often lead to catastrophic brain or spinal cord injuries, which could lead to paralysis.

High school student may become injured while working with defective equipment or hazardous materials. A college student may be injured after defective dorm room locks lead to an assault or robbery. In some instances, you may find not only the school administration, but other parents to be liable for your child's injuries.

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No parent expects their child to be involved in a Fairfield County school accident. Accidents come as a shock. But it's important to take prompt action to ensure your rights are protected.

Attorney Jeremy Vishno and his team of experienced legal professionals have worked tirelessly to protect the rights of injury victims in Fairfield County and all over Connecticut since 1990. Attorney Vishno knows how to uncover the true cause of your accident. He leaves no stone unturned when fighting for his clients.

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