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Rear End Accident Attorney in Fairfield County

Rear end crashes are among the most common types of car accidents seen in Bridgeport, Stamford and across Fairfield County.

When drivers follow too closely and don't hit the brakes in time, they often are responsible for causing rear-end accidents. They may believe they only caused a "fender-bender." Their insurance company might downplay the serious nature of your injuries.

Experienced attorneys in Fairfield know that these types of car accidents in Connecticut often result in serious and painful injuries that have a long-term impact. A driver or passenger may strike their head, resulting in a concussion, which is a brain injury that may need specialized evaluation and treatment.  Even if you don't remember being unconscious after the rear-end collision, it is important to tell your doctor about any difficulty with memory, concentration, blurred vision or head pain.

What types of injuries happen in rear-end accidents?

Even reckless, distracted or drunk drivers who drive slowly can cause severe injuries and car damage. A high-speed rear-end collision may not only total a car, it can send occupants to the hospital in an ambulance, or worse, result in a fatality and a wrongful death claim. Common rear-end crash injuries include:

Any type of rear-end accident has the potential to leave accident victims facing physical, emotional and financial difficulties for years to come.

At Vishno Law Firm, we understand rear end accident victims often face difficulties in proving the seriousness of their injury. Insurance companies often dismiss rear-end accidents as minor. Doctors may even try to tell you there's nothing wrong, even when you feel pain in your neck, back or another part of your body.

Who is at fault in a rear-end accident?

A driver who crashes into the back of another vehicle is often considered to be at fault for the accident, but it’s not always that straightforward. In some cases, the driver in front hit the brakes suddenly. Or a driver recklessly changed lanes without carefully looking for traffic first. In other cases, the brake lights of the car in front may have been defective.

Do I need a lawyer for a rear-end car accident?

It’s in your best interests to get legal advice after being involved in a rear-end collision. Insurance companies may minimize your claim and try to pay you less. A lawyer can investigate your crash then build a strong case built on facts. A lawyer can also determine the damages you suffered and negotiate a settlement with the insurance company that meets your needs.

Fairfield rear-end accident lawyer Jeremy Vishno can stand up for you. With the help of medical experts and accident reconstructionists, he can uncover the facts behind your car accident. He can make sure your voice is heard and fight to ensure your injury is promptly addressed.

What to do after a Fairfield County rear-end crash

Nobody expects to be in a rear-end accident but these accidents happen in Fairfield County every day.

If you were hit from behind, you may have far more than a whiplash injury. Because rear-end collisions cause neck hyperextension, with the head jerking back then forward then back again, the result can be both a soft-tissue injury, or a torn rotator cuff or torn bicep tendon, as well as back and neck injuries or a broken collar bone. A rear-end collision can also result in a severe head injury if your head hits the windshield, dashboard, door jamb or steering wheel. Rather than just a neck brace, you may need surgery and months of physical therapy to recover completely.

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